Our Mission

We are a direct supplier of Himalayan salt to all businesses across the world. Our goal is to give customers the highest quality salt possible without adding any extra ingredients. The loyalty of our customers is evidence of our commitment to quality. In addition to generating a profit, we also wish to be your success partner. Absolute client satisfaction is ensured, and we work to increase our shared prosperity.

Our Vision

Our intention is to make this organic food available to everyone. Our goal is to expand our business and brand internationally by increasing awareness of the benefits of Himalayan rock salt and placing a strong emphasis on providing top-notch customer service.

Our Keystrength

Rock salt is extracted from mines by Faizan Salt Industry, which then transports the rocks to a manufacturing facility where they undergo a multi-stage cleaning process to make the best Himalayan salt.


The Faizan salt industry is renowned for offering premium salt quality in a variety of grades that is manufactured and processed using the most cutting-edge and modern technique. Additionally, Faizan Salt has high-grade food-grade crushing facilities for edible salt as well as craft machinery for various salt lamps.
We are ranked as the top exporter due to our organised and quite well products. The only salt business in Pakistan that can provide every salt grade and every type of packaging based on customer demands. Faizan Salt is a certified business that has earned a variety of certifications in recognition of its unwavering standards for delivering reliable, high-quality products. The only salt producer that operates the most up-to-date facilities is Faizan Salt, which produces 200 tonnes of Himalayan Pink Salt per day.


Mr. Ghulam Qadir Khan Niazi founded the Faizan Salt Company with the goal of giving all customers across the world access to pure Himalayan salt without any additives.

Our primary goals are to respect our obligations to our consumers and provide quality services rather than just quantity. The consistency of our clients is a witness to our dedication to excellence.

By keeping the mission as over, the main target is to provide the best quality of salt from Pakistan mines to worldwide customers and fulfilling their satisfaction level by meeting their requirements, maintaining quality, hygiene, and purity, Faizan Salt Industry is the only direct supplier of Himalayan rock salt for mines.


A high-performing company is built on strong teams, and the success and smooth operation of an organisation may be mainly attributed to great team dynamics.

Inam Ullah Khan Niazi

Ghulam Qadir Khan Niazi

Iqra Zubair
Sales Manager

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