Pink Salt Mining

From our own mines, Pak Himalayan Mine and Gola wali Mine, we extract Himalayan Rock Salt. Professional miners use a variety of techniques while mining from these mines.


The Faizan salt factory produces salt of the highest quality as well as all of the handcrafted and natural items made from Himalayan Salt with the aid of state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled team of professionals.

Wholesale Supplier

The goal of Faizan Salt Industry is to offer the best salt to domestic and foreign consumers. We are expanding our business internationally and providing a lot of nations and businesses.

We Are Reliable Industry In House


We export our supreme quality product in all over the world.


We are legally registered and ISO. We execute international quality standards to make sure consistent excellence..


We trust in fast, safe and sound shipment services and are always available for our clients.


We will make sure Customize Packaging of products .Protection from external factors & mishandling through customized packing.


Himalayan Salt Exporter And Manufacturer

We are the manufacturer and direct wholesale supplier of Himalayan rock salt and related products. It is well known as Faizan Salt Industry supplies Pakistan and the world at large with top quality Himalayan salt and its lovely products directly.

The Faizan Salt Industry is mine holder of two salt mines: Pak Himalaya, the second-largest mine in the world, which produces 9 lac tonnes of salt yearly, and Gola wali Mine, which is renowned around the globe for its exquisitely created goods and which produces 3 lac tonnes of salt annually.

Why Choose Us

Himalayan Pink Salt has many advantages, but making top-notch products has its share of challenges, from sourcing to storage. Because most factories do not use advanced technology, they feed contaminated salt into grinders that produce hazardous compounds, raising questions about the use of dynamite and explosives in the extraction of salt.

Assured Quality

With the help of cutting-edge technologies and a highly trained team of experts, the Faizan salt industry is producing salt of the highest quality while also employing purified water to preserve the salt's original state.

A range of products

We are giving our consumers more product options so they can have a platform where they can buy all of the things they need at extremely reasonable pricing because Faizan Salt is the mine owner.


We provide packing based on customer requests. We are happy to provide our customers with the packaging and printing they desire.

Our Products

Faizan Salt Industry is to provide our domestic and international customers with the greatest quality salt possible. Our customers are proof that our quality isn't just in our words but also in what we produce.


If you have any query in your mind about our products or shipment services or you want our product leaflet, contact us we are always available for our clients.

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